Every year, United States and foreign companies enter into Consent Decree and Deferred Prosecution agreements for violations of U.S. export control Laws.

These agreements often require the appointment of a Special Officer or other Independent Monitor, implementation of complex corporate compliance programs, regular audits of compliance with U.S. export controls, investigations and reporting of all potential export control violations, and periodic reports of company compliance with U.S. export controls to the U.S. Government.

GOLDSTEIN PLLC is experienced in Consent Agreement Management and regularly assist United States and foreign companies with all aspects of post-consent decree and deferred prosecution agreement compliance. This assistance can be provided in conjunction with a team of other attorneys and includes:

Developing, enhancing, and implementing Export Control Compliance Policies and Procedures to prevent and detect violations of U.S. export controls for parent companies and their subsidiaries, divisions and affiliates.

Developing and maintaining Compliance Management Data and interactive Compliance Analytics Tools for use in internal compliance assessments; reports to senior managers, corporate officers and shareholders; and to validate reports on compliance to the U.S. Government.

Complying with Independent Monitor instructions and responding to Monitor requests for information.

Performing Internal Investigations of Export Control Violations, identifying the cause of violations, implementing effecting corrective actions, and preparing Voluntary Disclosures of violations to the U.S. Government.

Providing internal Export Controls Compliance Awareness Training for company officers and employees.